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"I started riding when I was six, but I can say without fear of exaggeration that I did not learn anything from my lessons until I came to Horsn’ Around. Certainly I knew a lot about riding in a circle, and maybe even something about steering, but in terms of my larger education about horses and riding, Lisa Erhardt was and is yet my best instructor, from learning simple basics like how to groom a horse to far more complex issues ranging from schooling dressage and learning reining maneuvers. By far the coolest thing about riding with Lisa is that she is willing to help you reach whatever your goals might be to the very best of her ability.

When I came to Hors'n Around I came with a rather challenging horse, whom I was afraid to ride. I never would have continued riding if Lisa had not helped me to get past my fear and bad experiences, with that horse and others. By the time I outgrew that horse I had placed in our local show circuit for five years in a row and had been Reserve-all this on a horse that in addition to being bad tempered was also very outclassed by our competition.

I might have stagnated with my horse at that point-I had accomplished my initial goals of 1) showing and 2) being successful with showing, but Lisa would not let me quit learning. I never really appreciated how much I could learn about people from observing horses, but this experience is one that I am extremely grateful for now 11 years later.

I still compete with my (now multiple) horses at shows, but I also spend time just enjoying interacting with my horses. As Lisa told me when I was struggling in the show ring-this horse riding thing has to be fun, otherwise there is no point in doing it."  ~ Jessica Rotschafer
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