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2015 Prices  -  Pricing subject to change without notice


Board - $500.00 per month (stall board only)

Feeding twice a day

Daily pasture turnout

Stall cleaning

Fresh water daily 

Training and Exercise:


Full-time - $800.00 per month (includes board)

Daily - $30.00 (does not include board)

Handling Fee:


$10.00 (Free with full-time training)

Misc. needed treatments:


$20.00 per session (includes handling fee)

examples of treatments are:  De-worming, wound care, antibiotics.



$30.00 per month (Free with full-time training)

Farrier/Veterinary Services:


Boarders can manage their own relationships or join Horsn' Around Stables rotation with our preferred service providers.



Group Lessons

$40.00 per group lesson

Special package rate:  ten lessons for $350.00

Lessons are 1 1/2 hours long  (this includes grooming, tack lessons and an average of one hour of riding).

*Private Lessons


$70.00 per hour

$40.00 per half hour

*Boarders get a discount


$325.00 per month (No Hidden Costs) - Please call for details on our program as it is unique to our stable.

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