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Horse Rescue Information

Cherie McKenzie, owner of Sundown Horse Farm and Shelter in Hugo, Minnesota and Lisa Erhardt, owner of Hors’n Around Stables share the same passion in providing a better home for horses that have either been abused or neglected. The Shelter has rescued numerous horses and provide medical care, food and board for these animals that have no place to go.

Minnesota Winters have been exceptionally cold; the temperatures and increased expense in hay has the shelter busier than normal. The shelter has rescued, cared for and nursed back to health numerous horses. “When we have the opportunity to save the life of an animal and provide a warm, clean and safe environment we know our program has been successful” There are several horses that have been rescued, re-trained and then placed in happy homes.

The shelter also works to raise awareness in the community to eliminate or reduce animal cruelty. They also train local Fire Department officials on caring and handling equine that may be in a tragic situation.

If you have ever visited “Hugo Good Neighbor Days” you may have seen some of the horses that have been rescued. If you happen to see the free pony rides at the event, stop in, take a ride, say hello and offer your support to the organization.

For more information on the shelter please visit their website at:

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